My name is Adriano, I’m from Portugal, and I have been living in Dublin since late 2014. I’m husband to a beautiful wife and proud father of two girls. Football fan (Benfica!!) and snowboard enthusiast.

I have been developing for iOS since 2010, when I had the fortune of being invited by a friend to work on his startup, LisbonLabs. We were developing mostly entertainment apps, which gave me a good understanding of how to fine tune custom UIs.

But then the curiosity of having a life experience outside Portugal spoke higher, and I had the chance of working on the newest version of the Ryanair app. This was a major change for me, as besides all the changes implied in moving a family of four to a different country, it was an opportunity to work in an app used potentially by millions of users. This was in 2014, Swift was just released and we had the choice of doing this app, completely from the beginning, using this new language which none of the team members had any experience - and what a ride it was!

Since 2016, I have been working on a new company - Zendesk - where I have been putting into practice all the knowledge gathered in these many years of mobile development, integrated in a team of very clever developers, pushing the apps to higher and higher levels of usability and stability.